Phone Auto Dialer


Phone Auto Dialer

The phone dialer SmartRouteFlex™ is a device used to optimize and simplify the usage of the internet calling (VoIP) service as offered by some providers. The auto dialer can be configured locally or remotely via a computer or through a centralized Control Center.


The SmartRouteFlex™ is the perfect solution for phone service providers who have a large number of clients with one or more telephone lines.

Custom modifications according to your specifications are possible as well


  • Extended routing capabilities
  • Supports up to 10 input lines
  • Single stage (с CLIP) and multi stage (с PIN) connection.
  • Accepts call progress tones.
  • Accepts DTMF and Pulse dialing
  • Supports DTMF и Pulse dialing towards (PSTN) – public telephone network
  • Converting tone to pulse dialing and vice versa
  • Programming via MS Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/W7 based on a very User Friendly customer software. Direct programming via a RS-232C interface, as well as remotely via the telephone network and a modem
  • Supports Call Home for programming via a centralized Control Center (optional)
  • Built-in quartz clock/calendar with a lithium battery allowing for the input of flexible calling schemes (different hours of the day, different days of the week)
  • Extended capabilities for two way communication with the Operator’s Gate(s)  during the initiation of the call
  • Supports simultaneous operator calling schemes (Operator’s Gate/s) depending on the entry point
  • Supports usage statistics for the calls done through the different operators, unsuccessful call as as time when each dialer was offline
  • Password protected access to the programming functions
  • Power independent memory
  • Generates 16kHZ  (12 kHz optional) signal for charging of calls, suitable  for hotels and call centers. Support for easily configurable charts for different calling rates, duration of the call, day of the week, etc. (optional)

The SmartRoute™ dialer is the perfect solution for:

  • Small Home/Home Office (SOHO) segment
  • Hotels, motels and call shops
  • Customers who find using pre-paid cards inconvenient

Technical Specifications

  • PHONE port rated voltage: 22-24VDC@30mA
  • Variable input resistance LINE port – 600OHm@1kHz
  • Variable input resistance LINE port: 300 OHm @30mА
  • Input resistance for calling voltage LINE port: >10 к OHm@25Hz
  • Maximal remaining current between LINE-PHONE : 2,7V@60mA (in calling mode)
  • Maximal loss of signal LINE-PHONE : 2dB@1kHz (in calling mode)
  • Receiving pulse number dialing session in ratio current/no current: 60/40, 10Hz, ±15%, @ (16-60)mA
  • Generating a pulse dialing session in ratio current/no current: 60/40, 10Hz, ±2.5%, @(16-60)mA
  • Receiving of tone (DTMF) dialing session (PHONE port) in ratio pause/tone(min.): 45msec/45msec@ +1dB до -26dB, split high/low group ±6dB
  • Generating tone (DTMF) dialing session номеронабирателна серия (LINE port) in ratio tone/pause: 45msec / 45msec to 200msec / 200msec@-6dB / -8dB high/low group accordingly
  • Sensitivity when receiving Call Progress Tones (LINE port): min 15dB@425Hz ±5%;
  • Sensitivity when receiving DTMF (LINE port): min 25dB@ split low/high group ± 6dB;
  • Generating of billing impulses (optional) with 16kHz (12kHz) ±5%; impulse duration 100msec ±5%,maximum number of impulses – 5 imp/sec, voltage 1Vrms/120ома
  • Power consumption:  active /standby mode: 70mA/15mA


  • SmartRouteFlex™ – MP feature: 130 x 85 x 30mm.
  • SmartRouteFlex™ : 100 x 60 x 25mm.
  • Power adapter: 50 x 45 x 40mm.


  • Line: RJ11-6/2.
  • Phone/Serial Port: RJ11-6/6.
  • Serial Port: RJ11-4/4 (SmartRouteFlex™ – MP feature)
  • Power: DC Jack 3.5 mm.

Power Supply АС 220V/50Hz :

  • AC/DC adapter 24 V DC with thermal protection; CE certified