Dispatcher Systems


The Dispatcher System/Voice Communication Concentration Device  is a special type of an end line telephone,  used for ‘concentrating’ multiple connections into one device that receives calls from a main or backup dial line.

The main function of the dispatcher system to provide the ability of an operator on duty, to dial and communicate with a subscriber via a main or back up lines.


The Dispatcher System/Voice Communication Concentration Device consists of two parts

  • control panel (CP) 
  • interface module (IM) 
  • analog phone (connected to the control panel)
  • microphone with Push-to-talk function (PTT)

The interface module contains the communication, control and power supply modules as well as the connections for coupling to the ATC or multiplex devices with standard interface. All connectiosn are done with standard copper cables.

В интерфейсния блок (ИБ) се поместват интерфейсните, управляващите и захранващите модули и реглетите за свързване към АТЦ или мултиплексни устройства със стандартни интерфейси. Използваните кабели за връзка са стандартни медни кабели.

Реглетите contain surge protection devices that can be induced on the connecting cables. The IM has LED indication for the supply voltage and the VUZMOJNOST for connecting a magnetic recorder (two line).

The Control Panel (CP) is connected to the Interface Module with copper cables with a maximum length 15M (RS232C) up to 100m (RS485). The analog telephone, the microphone and headphones are all connected to the CP. The volume level is controlled via a potentiometer (optional touch screen, with a digital slider).

Initiating a call: with buttons or with a Touch Screen Display

Main buttons: Основни функционални клавиши: conference call, two sided call, call on hold (HOLD).

Interface module: a case with modules for switching between the available different types of voice communications

Interface between the CP and IM:  RS232 / RS485, transmitting commands and PTT signal along the digital interface in direction CP-interface module and commands in the opposite direction.

Available modifications: We can manufacture different interface (communication) modules. By default everything can be grouped in up to 32 communication channels.

Interface: analog channels: 4-channel with Е&M ( including radio/telephone).

Available Functions:

  • Accepting of calls (sound and light signalization) for all lines Приемане на повиквания (звукова и светлинна индикация) от всички линии.
  • Making calls on selected lines
  • Sending calls to selected lines
  • Calls via speakerphone (semi duplex)using the PPT microphone
  • Ability to connect additional microphone/set of headphones. Sound and light indication for the call and the conference connections with selected subscribers or all subscribers at once. Interference between the channels: – 75dB.
  • Conference call with pre-selected subscribers (unlimited number of participants)
  • Individual line selection in every direction (main line/backup line)
  • Power supply: 220 +10/-20V AC, 50 Hz. Optional – DC 48 V.

Основни параметри:

  • Output sound power: not smaller than 500mW with possibility for adjustment
  • Input/putpuc impedance: Zin/out = 600Ohm symmetrical
  • Input FXS – 48V, minimum current 16mA, 3k
  • Calling voltage in local battery mode – 60V, 25 Hz
  • Input FXO – call activation threshols – 70Veff, 25 or 50Hz
  • Three modes for channel input – main line, backup line and neutral mode
  • Interface to VCCS – 2 channel analog (to a printed circuit board RIDO of VCCS)
  • Interface for a recorder (for monitoring) – 2 channel analog
  • The Dispatcher System consists of two parts: Control Panel (CP) and and Interface Module (IM)

Working Environment

  • Operational temperature: +5 to +40 С
  • Storage temperature: – 25 to 70 С
  • Humidity:  10 to 95% non-condensing