Surface Mount Technology and Services

We offer high quality and competitively priced Surface Mount Technologies (SMT) on printed circuit boards (PCBs), as well as conventional manual assembly (TRH).

Please contact us if you have specific questions and inquiries. Our expert customer service team will respond to you in within 1 business day.

Manufacturing Capabilities – Surface Mount on PCBs and finished products

Our services and expertise include SMT as well as conventional (TRH) technologies. We have the capability to produce on a smaller batches and serial production using your specifications. Our MACHINES gives you the flexibility for quick and easy change and/or modification of the manufacturing protocol

Lead-Free Technologies

We are proud to offer lead-free technologies to all of our customers. Our purposely designed protocols rely on high quality lead-free components and materials.

Manufacturing Equipment

For Small Batches and Test Samples

  • Pick & Place Workstation – Dima FP-500;


  • Maximum PCB Size – 280 х 220mm, 0.5 -3.0 mm thickness
  • Minimum component size – 0402, QFP – 0.65 mm pitch);
  • Reflow Oven – BTO62 with 6 air convection zones.

For Medium Batches and Large Samples

  • 2x Pick & Place PLM2000 workstations, each with a  4000 components/hour capacity


  •  Maximum PCB Size (using semi-automated stencil printer) – 230x310mm, 0.5-3.0mm thickness
  • Work area PLM2000 – 540 х 320mm
  • Minimum Component Size – 0201, QFP 40х40 – 0.50 mm dot pitch
  • Belt, Vibration, Static and floating type feeders 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44mm, diameter 7”, 10”, 13”;
  • Simultaneous loading of up to 200 components
  • Reflow oven – BTO62 with 6 air convection zone.
smd-3_filter smd-4_filter

Technological Preparation Includes

(Metal) Stencil design and preparation and soldering tin application, machine setup and and ‘Pick and Place’ file.

What We Use

In order to provide high quality service to our clients we use only proven and tested materials such as

Solder Paste

Warton Metals limited Microprint P2006Sn62Pb36Ag02 and flux, T

TCS – Microprint Sn95.5Cu0.5-0.9Ag3-3.4


Alpha metals – No clean


Kester RMA type, no-clean for precision soldering as well as repairs

In addition (when technologically possible) we can work with materials of your choice/specifications.

Technological Organization

We take care of the entire PCB design process. We design the digital file containing the position and value of each component.

Please consult the diagram for complete process overview


Component Delivery

We have in stock resistors 0805 and 0603 from line E24, 5%, as well a comprehensive array of capacitors – ceramic 0850 and 603, as well as SMD electrolyte – aluminium and tantalum. For best price guarantee we order directly from manufactures and/or authorized retialers

We can provide all R, L, C, D, T elements and commonly used integrated circuits. At this time customers can only provide specific and specialized components.

For Enquiries and Advice on Your SMT needs, please do not hesitate to contact us