Universal LoRaWAN Device Management System – LRDMS

LoRaWan Internet of Things


LRDMS is LoRaWAN compatible device management system, designed to provide configuration and fault management of LoRaWAN device in your network. With the help of LRDMS, installation process, online updates and monitoring of your devices is easy and convenient via single WEB interface. With its open interface, system can be customized for any type of LoRaWAN devices and Network Servers. OpenAPI interface helps you to easily integrate LRDMS with your backend systems.

Key Features

  • WEB based user interface
  • OpenAPI HTTP/JSON/RESTful interface to 3rdparty systems
  • Centralized configuration and fault management user interface
  • Open device configuration interface
  • Open LoRaWAN Network Server interface
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) plugins
  • Role based user access
  • Built in HTTP, WebSocket and MQTT NS interface
  • Flexible data forwarding engine
  • Device location information
  • Device history data information
  • Device status monitoring and tracing
  • Duplicate data detection and indication
  • Lost data detection and indication
  • Supports wide range of devices (Kerling, Nasys, etc.)
  • Supports wide range of Network Servers (EveryNet, LoRa Server, etc.)
  • Device performance measurements
  • Gateway performance measurements
  • Hosted or Cloud based platform
  • Regular reports
  • Inventory management
  • Device battery calculator

Universal LoRaWAN Metering Device UTLR01 Compact


UTLR01 is LoRaWAN compatible class A, 2 ports universal metering device, specially designed to cover your needs for remote data collection from any type of digital sensors and metering devices. In combination with LRDMS, device can be fast and easily installed with ability configuration to be updated remotely at any time. Multiple operating modes delivers flexibility device to be used/reused with different data sources.

Key Features:

  • Compliant with LoRaWAN 1.0.2b regional settings
  • Supports ADR, Channels adaptation, OTAA and ABP network join methods
  • Two independent metering ports
  • Ultralow standby power consumption <1.3uA
  • Up-to 10 years durability (depends on actual data rate and power configuration)
  • 3.6V Li battery with ability to be replaced
  • Inputs ESD protection
  • Internal real time clock
  • No power consumption in the event of a short circuit
  • Supports Unitel’s extensible sensor protocol developed for low speed links with potential high PER
  • Zero on-site configuration combined with LED operational indicators
  • Supports confirmed or unconfirmed uplink
  • Remotely configurable via LRDMS
  • Supports multiple operation modes: sample, historical, event, etc.
  • Device status reporting (configuration consistency, battery level, reset, etc.)
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Free protocol encoder provided
  • Configurable period, sampling, counters, multipliers, shuffle report, time of report
  • Data compression with up-to 64 samples per report
  • Supports Listen Before Talk (LBT), where applicable and allowed
  • Fully supported by Unitel’s Device Management System (LRDMS) – see above
  • CE certified
  • New– ATEX pending
  • Customisable as per Client Requirements

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