LED Displays


Unitel Co. is a manufacturer of LED , Information Digital Displays (IDDs) for currency exchange rates, interest rates and other type of bank information; “moving sign” LED displays, LED clock thermometers, as well as custom LED displays.

The LED displays are manufactured from glass and aluminum profiles with a durable high-quality polymer coating, which gives all LED displays an outstanding look and resistance to aging.

led-2 led-3

The background color of the LED displays can be customized as per customer request and according to the RAL scale. The color of the LED indicators can be green, red, orange, blue, white.

The mounting frame and the modular design of the circuits allows us to create LED displays with 2 to 18 rows and 1 to 4 columns as well as a hybrid type (ie. 4rows and 2 columns + 5 rows and 3 columns).

Our own design of the electronic circuits, as well as the fact that we use very bright LEDs, results a product with a very low power consumption with excellent visibility. After setup, all the information is stored into a a power-independent memory. After loss of power, the information can be stored up to 30 days.

For loading and setup, you can use a computer (Windows PC) and/or GSM/GPRS wireless modules.

The included software woks under Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7. You can input the information by a computer of via a locan area network (if available). Additional features of the operating program include the ability for remote (centralized) updating via e-mail using MS Excel worksheets or other table formats. In addition you can set up different ‘regions’ (ie. vacati0n resorts) to show different exchange rates. 

Our displays and the coupled software allow the decimal point to be moved up to 6 places. Therefore you can display numbers in format from 0.00001 to 999999., which practically covers all possible exchange rates, interest rates, etc. an extra programmable feature allows preset on/off times(ie. on 9-17  and off outside of business hours) for every day of the week.

The standard warranty we offer is 12 months that can be extended up to 36 months from the date the display is operational on your floor.